R.O.C.K Capital may not run the streets of the city, but they run its money, and you can't run the money without being involved in some dirty deeds here or there.

Starting out as a small hedge fund decades ago, it wasn't until most of the original founders had died off that R.O.C.K. expanded until you couldn't cash a check or get a loan in the city unless it was R.O.C.K.'s money you were walking out the door with.

While their fathers might have been pretty deadset in making money in fair financial markets, the children of the families didn't mind finding themselves in bed with some strange bedfellows if it meant that profits soared.

On the day to day, it doesn't seem much different from any other financial sector entity, but once the board of directors leaves the room the young guns of R.O.C.K don't mind spilling a little milk in the name of making a few dollars.

Faction Color:


Common Attributes:

Business Attire, Arrogance


R.O.C.K. Building, Vorcia Restaurant

Main Income:

Extortion & Investments

Austin Rocque
Annabelle Kolcutt
Melody Osiris
Jerome Cambridge
Greg Garrison
Leland Jamison
Rachel Walton
Tom Elrington
Edith Turnbull
Ike Huxtable