Former mayor Bill Traisley was forced to leave the office in disgrace after major scandals were brought to light by the current administration. His backroom dealings with sketchy characters and use of illicit drugs, prostitution and intimidation tactics may not have made him a fan favorite among the average citizens but he didn't mind greasing the palms of plenty of influential and dangerous people during his time in office.

After being ousted, its become Big Bill's number one goal in life to get back to the office and show those who removed him that there is no messing with Big Bill Traisley.

The Traisley Campaign is made of mostly members of his inner circle as well as plenty of current and former police, a group that Big Bill always treated quite well.

From ordering the arrests of his undercity opponents to trying to intimidate them out of business, Big Bill and company are planning on accruing just enough power and influence to force themselves back into an election, and they don't plan on making that election fair once they get there.

Faction Color:


Common Attributes:

Ambition, Bluntness


New Venice Hill, NVPD HQ

Main Income:

Donations & Blackmail

Big Bill Traisley
Edie Traisley
Bill Traisley Jr
Chief Raymond Johnson
Benedict Trask
Jessie Lefgarden
Senator Harrison
Lieutenant Brinkley
Lieutenant Swanson
Sergeant Horus