faction art

How It Works:

There are 8 factions in Battle for New Venice, vying for control of the city. Each have their own backstory and aesthetic.

There are 3 different groups of mintable NFTs:

Faction Members: Automatically aligning you with a faction in their bid to take over.

Special Characters: Characters who are unaligned with the factions and have their own separate and unique goals. If you mint one of these (They are very rare), you'll need to chat with us to learn about your character.

Items: Weapons and other special items designed to help their owner's faction gain an advantage.

faction art

If your minted NFT is aligned with a faction, it can be one of three types of characters:

Faction Leaders: Each faction has up to 10 leaders, each with their own 1/1 art and personality. While they play the game the same as anyone else, they are vying to win a separate prize pool just for the winning teams faction leaders, splitting it a maximum of 10 ways if they conquer.

Faction Members: The lower level goons and associates of the faction. They share in the same prize pool as the citizens if they win, but keeping your faction alive and in the game requires keeping alive its faction members!

Faction Citizens: Faction citizens just live in the territory of the faction. They are mostly along for the ride, but they'll share in the benefits if their team takes over the city.

faction art

Playing the Game:

Playing the game is extremely simple. After the mint there will be a short period for people to trade around pieces if they'd like and then the turn cycles will begin:

- Every turn, each faction member will just make 2 basic decisions: Which faction they'd like to attack, and which faction they'd like to defend against.

- Each turn will be between 2 and 4 days depending on which portion of the game we are in. At the beginning the turns will be the longer, getting gradually shorter as the game pushes on and there are less players alive.

- At the end of turn, all decisions will be tallied and based on the players choices there will be fatalaties throughout the city. If someone is killed, their piece will become inactive for the rest of the game.

- If a faction falls below 15% of their original number of “Faction Members”, their faction will be eliminated from the game.

- When only one faction remains, its live faction leaders will split one large prize pool, while its live members and citizens will split another large prize pool.

- Special characters will also make one decision each turn, but they vary piece-to-piece. Whether they win will be determined by the completing of goals that are specific to their character. These characters will draw from a third prize pool specifically for them.